Conditioning Exercises

This is An awesome HIIT Fat Burning Conditioning workout to add to your routine, whether you play a sport or just want to improve your conditioning these are awesome! suitable for both Men and Women and can be done at the gym OR at a home gym.

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WORKOUT 1 – 12mins EMOM
1st Min – 10 GTOH (Men:50kg, Women 25kg)
2nd Min – 10 Burpees over Bar
NOTE:Each Minute alternate between GTOH and B.O.B x 12.
So complete The GTOH as fast as you can whitin 1 minute and the remainder of the time is your Rest. Then the next minute complete 10 B.O.B, keep alternating and repeating this x 12 .

WORKOUT 2 – 10MINS LADDER WORKOUT AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
500m Row/Assault Bike/(400m Run)
2 Devil Press.
NOTE: the idea is start on the Row for 500m then 2 Devil press this counts as ONE ROUND. You will then INCREASE the reps on the devil press by 1 every round. So e.g; round 2- 500m Row and 3 Devil Press, Round 3- 500m Row and 4 devil Press.. till the 10mins time is up.

50 Double unders or 70 singles
30 Down ups
30 Box jump overs
30 Jumping Lunges
30 Butter fly sit ups
50 Double unders or 70 singles 20 Down ups
20 Box jump overs
20 Jumping Lunges
20 Butter fly sit ups
50 Double unders or 70 singles 10 Down ups
10 Box jump overs
10 Jumping Lunges
10 Butter fly sit ups
NOTE: Finish the workout as quick as possible, rest when needed but aim is to be quick!!!

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